At Developer Springboard we want to help you achieve your DREAM programming career.  We believe that there are 5 major pillars to achieving all of your goals and growing well beyond anything you had ever hoped to achieve.  At a high level these 5 DREAM pillars are:

Discover who you are

  1. Understanding personality types and traits
  2. Identifying what is important to you in life
  3. Learning your core values

Refine your goals

  1. Determining the technologies that interest you
  2. Understanding the available roles on the technical career ladder
  3. Identifying your best path to your chosen role
  4. Seeing various industries you might enjoy
  5. Setting clear goals to move you down your path
  6. Locate companies that can meet your goals

Establish your presence

  1. Mastering the five keys to a good interview
  2. Start your blog
  3. Be a portfolio manager not just an employee
  4. Follow a mentor to grow, become a mentor to succeed
  5. Put yourself out there
  6. Make Time For Your Projects
  7. Define your personal brand
  8. Build your public profiles
  9. Never fear being told no

Advance in your career

  1. 9 ways to advance your career with core values
  2. Build long-lasting relationships – don’t burn bridges
  3. Live by your core values
  4. Know everyone
  5. Strive to always be awesome
  6. Lead from the front
  7. But be a servant leader
  8. Complain with solutions
  9. Don’t take everything so seriously
  10. The i in TEAM
  11. Assume responsibility not ownership

Master your success

  1. Change your value proposition – your experience is valuable
  2. Reevaluate your current position on a regular basis
  3. Do your own thing
  4. Put yourself out there to find opportunities
  5. Learn to say “it depends”
  6. Always improve
  7. Maximize for efficiency
  8. Be a process guru, not a process nazi
  9. Get Things Done

Through the content, curriculum, and courses we publish here at Developer Springboard, we will teach you what you need to know to grow grow grow.

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