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Invite us to your k-12 school

Do you have a bunch of kids that are heading towards a computer science, information systems, or business systems degree? Perhaps you run an after school computer program? As long as you have kids that are interested in meeting some professional programmers we are interested in working with you and your children!

(constrained to the Austin area)

Come interview with us

Have us interview you to share your experience with our community. We will ask you a bunch of questions. You might ask us some questions. We will chat for a good 20-30 minutes as we dig into who you are, how you got where you are, and any advice you might have for our community.

Invite us to your user group

Collectively we have a lot of experience speaking on a wide range of topics at user groups, code camps, and conferences. We are happy to come speak to your attendees about the DREAM career, and many other topics. If you would like us to deliver a custom track (that is inline with our message) let us know. We are always very happy to share!


As a member of the Developer Springboard you will get access to all of email courses and books as they become available. You will also get direct access to us and all the other programmers that are interested in a goal driven approach to their DREAM career.

Phone a friend

Are you in a pinch? For some reason you find yourself without a job. Perhaps you have only been a member for a short while. So your resume isn’t quite up to snuff. You haven’t interviewed in years. Your BRAND has some dust on it. No worries. Call us and we will help you quickly build a plan to set things in motion to get you back on the horse.

Full access to all email courses

We publish a lot of email courses around here! For non-members they are one of our many paid products. But for our members you get them in near real time. All of them. Need to learn how to maintain your resume as a “portfolio worker”? Perhaps you want to know the in’s and outs of building your brand? All of that is covered in our email courses.

Mock Interview

Collectively we have been through hundreds of real interviews both on the interviewer and the interviewee side. We have seen a wide range of interviewing styles from 8 hour psychological and skills profiling to quickie meet and greets. We have also been through rounds of deep technical interviews. Let us share our experience with you by putting you through our mock interview.

Resume Review

Having managed our own resumes for a collective 75 years. And having been on the interviewer side of the house for a great deal of that time. We have seen a lot of resumes. We have seen the good, the bad, and the down right hilarious. We can lend you an experienced eye and help you create a resume that makes your portfolio shine.

DREAM team discussions

If you are an agile programmer then you are likely familiar with standups, planning sessions, retrospectives, and all sorts of other meetings where you meet with you team. Part of the discussions are around “what are we doing next”. And other discussions are to talk through what you have done, what you are doing now, and what might be getting in the way of your progress. Why not join a DREAM team of your own? We will attend the meeting as will a few other members and collectively we will help keep you moving in the right direction with your career.

Other Services

  • Invite us to speak to your college students
  • Watch for our first book on mastering your DREAM career
  • Use us when you need to phone a friend for some advice
  • Ask us about our training courses
  • Email courses

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