miguel-gonzalezMiguel A. Gonzalez

Miguel has designed, developed and managed dozens of software projects for clients in a wide variety of industries including emergency management, media, insurance, real estate, logistics, marketing, education and retail.  In the process, he has gained valuable experience building highly available, high bandwidth applications. He has a passion for robust, precise and efficient software development. His recent focus has been in leading the development of distributed, scalable applications for several top tier clients.

After obtaining his B.A. in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, Miguel began his career as a software developer designing portable window-based client applications. Since that time he has worked for numerous companies, such as the United States Chemical Weapons Program, Hearst, Belo Interactive, Wachovia, and DELL. His work has included heavy .NET utilization in C#, as well as many other languages and technologies.

Miguel is a father of 4 – 3 girl and 1 boy. He enjoys spending his leisure surrounded by friends and family.


andrew-siemerAndrew T. Siemer

Since 1998 Andy has been a self educated software engineer that specializes in large scale data driven web applications primarily focused on social networking and ecommerce platforms. His technology focus has revolved around Microsoft offerings but has always lived in a world where you use the right tool for the job – and Microsoft isn’t the only tool maker!  Admittedly, his focus has been on the .NET stack ever since it first shipped in its beta form. Andy tends to spend quite a bit of time with his head in the cloud – specifically Azure, Amazon.  Andy has done work for Dell, HP, Fox Interactive, MySpace, American Idol, Callaway Golf, 3M, Emerson, LampsPlus, RackSpace, OTX, Guidance Software, and many more.

Andy has worked at nearly all levels in his career.  He started as an Access DBA automating a manufacturing facility and quickly found himself upside down in a web dev role making that system accessible to the entire company and then it’s customers. He has been a team lead, manager, architect, director, and VP.  After leaving the role of Chief Architect for dell.com, Andy now spends the majority of his time as the Director of Engineering at Volusion where he attempts to keep his finger on the pulse of one of the largest multi-tenant commerce platforms there is (we are hiring by the way).

Andy is a member of the ASP Insiders group.  He also manages the Azure Austin user group.  Andy is currently a Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist (purple badge) and Azure Advisor.

As an active contributor to the developer world, Andy has published three technical books with Packt Publishing (ASP.NET 3.5 Social Networking, ASP.NET 4 Social Networking, and ASP.NET MVC 2 Cookbook).  He is also currently attempting to self publish a farming book on Fodder with LeanPub.  Andy has also done quite a bit of public speaking from California, to Texas, to NewYork.  He is now also helping Clear Measure build and deliver day long hands on deep dive courses.

Prior to rubbing the letters off of his keyboards, Andy served in the US Army from 1994 to 1998 in the infantry.  He spent most of his time in 2nd Ranger Battalion and a then a short stent in a LRRS unit.

Andy is the father of 6.  Owns and operates a small farm near Austin Texas – Friendly Pastures.  Is happily married to a great lady who strangely still puts up with his always busy and bigger than life nature.  He loves to shoot guns, drive jeeps as near to vertical as possible, do wacky obstacle courses and group activities, and has recently started to get into motocross.  And when time permits he still does the occasional side job from time to time.  Friend him somewhere – his smile is infectious!


devinheadshotDevin S. Rose

Devin’s an average Joe developer and believes that others like him should be able to program great software.

He got his degree in electrical engineering but couldn’t take many more Maxwell’s equations so went into software. After programming a Tetris clone with a guy from Norway, he got a job at National Instruments and worked on C++ projects in the test and measurement world. He wrote code for real-time operating systems and Windows and Linux desktop environments.

Though COM is a bad word now, he developed COM-like interfaces in C++ and taught others how to componentize their C++ apps. He worked on an object-oriented database before that fell out of fashion and developed straight-up RPC code between processes on embedded computers.

On the side he missed the After Dark screensaver collection, especially the Marbles one, so he wrote a clone of it and added black holes to it, as well as multiple active bouncy balls.

For seven years he worked on the LabVIEW graphical programming language, then he went to a startup and developed a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin. His most recent step has been to work at ClearMeasure and develop web backends with Web API and complementary technologies.

Devin was a farmer but hurt his back and limped back to the city, where he lives with his wife and two children.

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